Outlined below is a brief description of some of the ministries at Zion Baptist Church.  We would love if you can attend, join a ministry of your choice, and become an active member at Zion Baptist Church.

Support the Pastor and serve the fellowship through the Lord’s Supper and visitation of the sick and assisting families in Zion Baptist Church with their spiritual needs.

Serve the fellowship by aiding the Deacons with preparation of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, and assisting the Pastoral staff in caring for the fellowship, especially the teenage girls and young adult women of the church.

Serve the fellowship through a ministry of financial training, through management and encouragement of good stewardship of church assets.

Provide comfort, support, and basic medical assistance to congregants during corporate worship services.

Coordinates praise and worship music for Sunday services as well as fellowship outings to sister churches and community events upon request.  The various music choirs include:  The Zionettes (Children’s Choir), New Life (Youth), Male Chorus, Sanctuary Voices of Zion, Mass Choir, Praise Team, and Kenneth Allen Praise Dance Ministry.

Presents a weekly educational program in a small group, graded format inclusive of all ages, from children to adults.

Gives children, ages 5-12, an opportunity to lead worship in their own way, while teaching them how to make decisions according to the Word of God, as well as how to interpret the value and significance of worship

Expands the knowledge and spiritual growth of young adults between 18 and 35 through discipleship building, evangelism training, fellowship and worship.

Focuses the attention of teenagers (13-18) on learning how to read, study, and apply the word of God to their everyday lives, offering opportunities for increasing levels of responsibility and Christ like, ethical decision-making.

Wins souls for Christ by enlisting and empowering the membership to bear witness to the Gospel, to save lost souls, and to re-claim backsliders for Jesus Christ.

Serve the fellowship during times of bereavement and extended illness.

Encourages students at all levels to realize their academic and intellectual potential, while providing financial assistance for students seeking higher education and have been active in the church.

Encourages and equips men to become growing disciples who in turn disciple others and do the works of Matthew 25:35-36.

Strives to enlist every woman of Zion Baptist Church in executing the Gospel and acting out God’s love by feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, praying with those in despair, and visiting the sick and shut-in.

Provide members age 55+ with opportunities for fellowship, community service, and participation in arts and crafts.


Sunday School - 9:00 a.m. (Offered in-person and on Facebook Live)

Sunday Worship - 10:00 a.m.(Offered in-person and on Facebook Live)

Wednessday Evening Bible Study - 6:30 p.m.(Offered only on Facebook Live & Zoom)

Zion Baptist Church

"The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is All."

Rev. Kenneth A. Allen, Pastor


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Omaha, NE 68110

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